Updated 25 Oct. 1999



The 66031 - Märklin's Delta decoder with function.

Features :





Function for Telex-Coupler !


Märklin has finally introduced a Delta Decoder with a function. The function is meant to be used with the

Telex-coupler only, since it is activated like the old mechanical direction-changers on Telex locomotives.

Like this :

     Direction Function
     Forward  OFF
 1.  click the directionchanger  Backwards OFF
 2.  click the directionchanger  Forward  ON
 3.  click the directionchanger  Backwards  ON
 4.  click the directionchanger  Forward  OFF


Flicker-free Lights !


The 66031 features stabilized ground for flickerfree lamps !

So if you have locomotive with the new type of bulb-sockets, you have the ability

to have flickerfree lights.

What you do is : connect one lead from the lamp to the yellow(or gray) wire and one of the orange

wires to the other lead. - Simple !

If you don't have the new bulb-sockets, and therefore cannot connect the orange wires, you can always

use the normal way of removing flicker(as described on the "Digital 6080/90 Enhancements"- page).


Full 80-Address option !


At this point in time nobody has figured out how to control the lights using the "function"-key on the

control-Unit(6020/21). So the only "conversion" you can make is the full 80-address option.

As with the old Delta(6603) you can only chose between 15 addresses. with simple soldering you can

get ALL 80 addresses. The way to do the conversion is the same as for the old Delta, so read the about

the procedure there. The only thing that is different, is where you should solder - this can be seen here :

80-address option solder guide


miscellaneous !

The 66031(16KB)  66031 topview(20KB)*  66031 bottomview(17KB)*
 Larger picture(120KB)*  Larger picture(134KB)*
66031 Schematic(21KB)*  Component-placement(18KB)*  
Larger picture(eg. for print)(595KB)*
Larger picture(eg. for print)(142KB)* (Tiff-format)!!    

!! Click here for a page with all the pictures together (exept the big ones) !!

 (*)-marked Pictures are created by Siegfried Grob - homepage - His Page about the 66031




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