Page Updated 11 Nov. 1998,     Pictures Updated 24 Feb. 1999

Pictures of model trains

I have collected and scanned a lot of pictures of model trains which you can download.


Click here to see what's available (Thumbnails)


Some pictures may exist in several versions. This is because the picture are available in

different resolutions. If nothing is stated in the filename, just look at the filesize, the

biggest file is the one in the highest resolution. Some files is also graphically enhanced,

witch could explain why there is more than one of them.


Try this link to see how a DB Class 152 would look like whith another paintjob

(it may take some time to load )


If you have special interest in a Märklin model witch you don't find here, send me a mail,

and I will see if I can get it scanned and placed on the web.


Yes I need a scan witch don't find here


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